Welcome to Coastal Hemp Company! We are excited you have found our little piece of the on-line retail world. We are Robert and Heather. We are a homeschooling family of 9 - 7 kiddos plus the two of us. We live in the beautiful state of Alabama.

CBD and other cannabinoids have taken our full attention!

Rob started taking CBD several years ago due to suffering from chronic migraines. Within several weeks, his migraines dissipated, and he (we) became sold on CBD. Also, he lost 30 lbs. over several months without changing his diet or lifestyle.

Heather started taking CBD because of sleep problems – not quite insomnia, but close. Sleep is essential, but with 6 homeschooling children, it was more than essential for her to get sleep. After several weeks of taking CBD her sleep problems were resolved. She is sold on the benefits of CBD. She continues to take it every night before bed and now sleeps like a baby.

Both Robert and Heather love natural health! Natural health has opened their eyes to the benefits that diet, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle can have on a person’s well-being.

Coastal Hemp Company was started so we can help others experience the health and balance that hemp products can truly help with.